Metrology and

Precision Measurements 

Our Vision 

Our vision is to develop and commercialize metrology instruments for the purposes of scatterometry and semiconductor characterization using optical and terahertz radiations. These instruments provide critical information about the quality of the wafers fabricated for photonics and quantum applications. Additionally, we provide know-how and support to high-tech companies in the BrainPort region of the Netherlands.

Products and Services 



Collimated Illumination

Our patented technology enables us to inspect the quality of periodic gratings used in photonics and quantum technologies. We determine changes

of geometrical parameters during the fabrication in a contact-free and non-destructive method.



Near-field Microscopy 

Our unique instrument allows the investigation of the transient photo-conductivity and the carrier life-time of photo-excited semiconductors, providing a vast amount of data that is ideal for semiconductor characterization and quality inspection.



Measurement Services 

Our state-of-the art laboratories and equipment allows us to implement various experiments over a wide spectral range of the electromagnetic radiations, necessary for in-depth characterization of different materials and structure. Explore the possibilities and specifications of our techniques.